Why do I do this?

I want to light a fire on the the world

in the hearts of every person near me

who can hear me at all

I want them to cry out in pain

pleasure surprise

I want them to die

a little

as I have

I want them to know me

I want them to love me

I want to penetrate them all

mind body and soul

so they feel me

so they understand

the need I have to love

and be loved.

I want them to grow full with my child

the child of my mind and heart

a creature of affection

that will remain with them

for the rest of their lives

feeding steadily on their hearts

as I feast

That how it feels, you know?

After I’ve loved

After I’ve touched

After I’ve moved

Like a meal after fasting for a lifetime.

“Everything is about sex - except sex which is about power.”

– House of Cards

“Let’s be clear. My body is yours to do with as you please, but yours is mine to do the same.”

– Dom

By day we’re strangers….

Kiss me and get it over with.

Do you think I don’t find you attractive?

What’s wrong?

Well, right now, I want to fuck you.

We’re not friends.

You’re just sensitive everywhere, aren’t you?

Don’t make a sound.

What did you say?

What do you want?

Tell me.

Come and get it then.

What’s stopping you?

Then don’t fight.

Come here.

Ah but that’s boring.

…at night, you’re mine.